Celebrate with balloons

PartyArtista Creates Your Party

We are specialized in balloon decoration.

Whether it is a small private party or a  business  event,

our colourful balloons bring joy and happiness to any party.

Our balloon arrangements include balloon arches, balloon columns and table centerpieces made with balloons,

but also balloon releases, balloon drops and even very exciting explosive balloons.

Whatever the occasion, PartyArtista will  make sure your party will become an event to remember.

archi - arches

Balloon Arches

colonne - columns

Balloon Columns

soffitto - ceiling

Balloon Ceiling Decoration

pista da ballo - dance floor

Dance Floor Balloon Canopy

temi e sculture - themes and sculptures

Balloon Themes and Sculptures

muro e sfondi - wall and backgrounds

Balloon Walls and Backgrounds

centrotavola - centerpiece

Balloon centerpieces


Balloon Bouquets

mongolfiere - hot air balloons

Hot air Balloons

matrimonio - wedding

 Balloon Decorations for Weddings

cascate e rilasci - waterfalls and releases

Balloon releases and Balloon drops

PartyArtista Creates Your Party

Decoration with Balloons

We serve the entire Veneto and beyond!

We speak English fluently :-)

Telephone: (+39) 041 2420466

Fax: (+39) 041 2420466

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We create fantastic  balloon arrangements including garland arches, balloon columns, balloon drops and releases for large and small events.

Contact us today for a FREE quote:

Our balloons artists will help you design the best decor for your event!


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I nostri palloncini sono in puro lattice naturale e quindi al 100% biodegradabili. PartyArtista rispetta la natura.


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