A balloon arch is an excellent way to wonderfully embellish a particular area of the party.

Garland Arches

This type of arch is often used for entrances and events in the open air. A balloon arch can indicate the start and arrival point in a competition. They are often used for large corporate events. A spectacular ‘tunnel’ can be achieved by creating at least 4 or 5 of these toghether and positioning them next to each other.  We offer a series of possible designs, from the classical spiral to the checkered effect.

Pearl Arches

Pearl Arches are also known as ‘string of pearls arches’. They are often used for entrances or behind the top table.

The double bubble pearl arch is often used for weddings and anniversaries, for a decoration with a spectacular effect.

Balloon Columns and Pearl Arches 

A series of balloon columns and pearl arches are used toghether to form dance floors. They are often used to decorate entrances and stages. Mylar ballloons can be used as an altenative or in combination with latex to create themed decorations.

Framed garland Arches

These can be used when the usage of helium is not an option or not required, or when a specific shape needs to be obtained, for example a heart or a star at the entrance.



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